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Trump Moves to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes - Do You Support a Ban?
by Causes
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  • Dana
    Voted Oppose

    I smoked for 33yrs. I got bronchitis at least once a yr and constant colds, flu, etc. I found a local vape shop after trying multiple evape stores. The owners were there, answered every question and made a few recommendations. I made my choices and never looked back on cigarettes!! I haven't been sick but a few minor times in 5yrs. I havent gotten bronchitis once!! Nor the flu!! My lungs are clear!! My skin, hair, teeth and nails are healthy!! Without the flavor options, along with choice of battery, tank and coils, this wouldn't be a success story!!! Please do not take away a right to choose! How can you leave cigarettes leagal and accessible yet ban something that it 95% healthier!?! Proven over and over again!!!! You will lose my VOTE if you ban flavors, vaping and vaping products!!!!! Kids are going to do what kids will do...make it illegal for any place but a true vape store to sell! Have the same inspectors that check on stores that sell cigarettes, check vape shops. FDA leaves the guidelines that are in place tge way they are. Inspectors can test product or the health dept. It isnt hard!! Prove you care about more than money!


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