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Trump Moves to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes - Do You Support a Ban?
by Causes
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  • Todd
    Voted Oppose

    Flavored nicotine liquids have no relation to the latest illnesses. Illicit THC cartridges are the problem. Flavors have proven to be extremely effective in keeping adults smoke free for many years. 95% of adults choose non-tobacco flavors. You will create a black market for flavored eliquids if they're banned. There will also be a huge increase in smoking rates. The ban will force me to become a single issue voter. I smoked for 30+ years and tried every FDA approved method to quit, with no success. I have been smoke-free for 8 years now since the first puff from an ecig. There are millions of lives, 100's of thousands of jobs, and 10's of thousands of small businesses at stake. Being on the wrong side of history on this one will be extremely damaging to a political career.


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