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Watch & Comment Live: September Democratic Debate
by Causes
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  • Don
    Voted Angry

    All a bunch of incompetent idiots just waiting to turn us into a socialist country . And take away your constitutional rights 1by 1. Raise your taxes . And live high on the hog well doing it if elected . They want equality for all . Call or not equal .( God made man Sam colt made most equal ) . They are not competent enough to run this country. And if elected they will destroy all the motions Trump put into action. To try and make everybody pull their fair wait. Stop Communist China from polluting our country with there trash cheap products . That go into the trash after three months of use and have things be made and manufactured in the United States again. To be the world leader of all countries . Again. If these bleeding heart politicians happen to be elected. You can kiss our American freedoms goodbye. Because these bleeding heart Democrats will give everything away to everybody even though they don’t deserve it or have earned it. Like we the people that-have been born and raised in this country. And our ancestors before us. We need to stop any of them from being elected if you wish to keep living the American dream.

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