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Democrats Advance Gun Control Bills From House Judiciary Committee
by Causes
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  • THooper
    Voted No

    This is nothing more than a knee jerk reaction to recent events. Much like the Patriot Act after 9-11. It all sounded great but it removed many of our rights and gave them to the Government, as these will do, strip rights of citizens and give them to the Government. There are already laws in place that allow them to do what they are wanting to do. All these do is permit them to do it without due process. And last I checked criminals don’t care about the law anyway. Who decides I’m a threat? My neighbor who’s mad cause of an altercation, ex-spouse, the guy I accidentally cut off. Hell I’ve been reported for driving though a drive thru legally carrying a firearm. Come on people, your asking the Government to do things they aren’t legally allowed to do and we’re letting them. These remove the right to bear arms, removes illegal search and seizure and removes due process. I’m sorry my rights don’t stop where your comfort level ends.


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