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Democrats Advance Gun Control Bills From House Judiciary Committee
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  • Chris
    Voted No

    🤣😂😂. Does ANYONE ever actually LISTEN to the words Democrats use? RED FLAG LAWS? OMG you have to be THAT...type of Person to NOT see what they are doing. It’s Basically like The Movie Minority Report; “ Pre-Crime”? Who decides who’s red Flagged & Who isn’t? If you voted Yes to this So-Called Red Flag Law; God Forbid you live in an Area where The Polices Response Time is MORE THEN 15 mins because A LOT can Happen in the First 5 & THEN you will realize that the so-called RED FLAG you voted Yes on which Allowed the Feds to take away a Neighbors Right to Bear Arms could have Saved You. There’s OTHER ways; but not THIS way....NOT THIS Way.


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