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NOAA’s Top Scientist Will Investigate Why Agency Backed Trump’s Alabama Dorian Claims
by Axios
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  • Linda
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    Living here in Florida we kept hearing that Dorian could go anywhere in the cone. If you look at that cone (the one in white) you can see that if Dorian had gone in the direction of that cone that it very well could have impacted Alabama. It certainly wasn't going to stop when it got to the imaginary white line. This was before they started predicting the turn that eventually saved Florida from the brunt. Look how far Dorian went up the eastern seaboard and the devastation it brought. It reached Nova Scotia approximately 2,000 miles away. So had it not turned it could have reached well beyond Alabama. Was Alabama in imminent danger, who knows, I am sure the people in Nova Scotia didn't think they were in imminent danger at that time. Being a Florida native and knowing the areas that are the most impacted from the storm and also knowing how erratic they can be I think there has been way too much hoopla over the President's comment that to me was very possible at the time it was made.


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