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What is School Choice?
by Causes
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  • Cassandra
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    School choice has given my child who loves science a better education than the traditional public school he was in k-4. His public school lost its science teacher 3 years ago. The district refuses to hire a replacement. My child has wanted to be a chemist since kindergarten. That dream has never wavered. My job as a parent is to follow his academic career, make choices that will better him and his education. As much as I loved the staff at his public school, his choice school is feeding his brain everything it desires. He's challenged, he's thinking outside of the box, he asks questions! He is blossoming! Without choice schools my child would be floundering. Choice schools give kids a chance to truly shine. If public schools want to compete, the districts have to be willing to spend the money on teacher salaries, school upgrades, newer texts. My district spends too much on the board of education and not enough on the educators. We've lost 600 teachers in the past 3 years due to teacher salary disputes...yet the board keeps getting a raise.

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