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House Dems Open Inquiry Into Use of Tax Dollars at Trump Properties
by Axios
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  • Deby
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    When I worked for the state government we could not accept anything of value from anyone who might do business with our agency. We had to have approval before taking a second job to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest. We absolutely could not do business with a family member. We had ethics training every year. Violation of these polices would almost certainly result in being fired. That is the high standard we should expect from any elected official or government employee. I just heard a report of military planes being forced to stop for fuel near a Trump property on their way to deliver supplies. And the military personnel being forced to stay at the Trump property, despite the fact the cost exceeded their per diem resulting in them not being able to afford to eat. If this is true, impeachment proceedings for Trump and appropriate personnel action for others involved should begin immediately. Tax payer dollars should never go to a Trump business.

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