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Pentagon Diverts $3.6 Billion in Military Construction to Fund Trump’s Border Wall - Do You Support the Move?
by Causes
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  • Richard
    Voted No

    Even though I worked for DoD for about 50 years in various positions, I find this move disgusting. If I were a Congressman I would not replace the funds. Let the new Sec of the Army eat this since he sucks up to the POTUS. I find this disgusting with the audacity of an in your face, I don't care and since you will not support me I will declare a fake national security clause to get my way. And yes, this is our outlandish, improper and very inept POTUS in action with his puppet Cabinet and Senate. Congress can make a case out of this. And the POTUS probably is oblivious to the fact that a new budget authorization battle is about to begin. Everyday it seems Trumps finds a new way to outdo himself. He is trying to keep up with the jokester in England who must be his brother since they look and act alike.


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