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The DC: Pentagon defers $3.6B for Trump's border wall, and... 👛 Do you support efforts to enact bipartisan spending bills?
by Causes
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  • Jodi

    I support President Trump to defer the money for the wall. The wall is not xenophobic, just another over used word the Democrats liberals are using which no longer works. Since congress had passed funding in the past for the wall, but then never appropriate the money. If congress had done their job and actually fund the money for the wall that they passed, President Trump would not have to divert the money. Also, this will not weaken our national security, what Obama did by sequestration, defund the military is what weakened out security. Also what Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz did by putting a foreign national in charge of the DNC/government computer access put our national security at risk. Then when other Democratic representatives fired him, Debbie kept him on and tried to defend him up until he tried to leave the country like the rest of his family member who also had access and with thousands of dollars. That act put our national security at risk. With people from over 50 countries that have come across our southern border, you know that the major possibility is that some of them could be terrorist. If we have another terror attack, then the dem


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