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The DC: Pentagon defers $3.6B for Trump's border wall, and... 👛 Do you support efforts to enact bipartisan spending bills?
by Causes
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  • Leslie

    This is a political stunt aimed at Trump’s hardcore devotees. How well xenophobia and hate works to pump up his base! Let’s have more anxiety and unease! There is no defensible concrete rationale to divert millions of dollars away from our military families, bases and obligations-or even one of Trump’s favorite scapegoats, Puerto Rico, (which no one seems to remember is part of the United States), for the purpose of walling off Mexico! This is a fake crisis. There’s not even enough money allocated to span the entire border!! So this will only divert foot traffic and drive up the sales of ladders and tunneling equipment. At least he’s been bipartisan in affecting both red and blue states alike. My own state of Texas is taking a Texas sized hit. Way to go all my Republican representatives. Blind obedience to an angry, self centered, narcissist just screwed your own constituents. Any other president pulling a stunt like this would have both sides of the aisle howling. What a pathetic bunch of apologists we have in today’s Republican Party. There is nothing “grand” about the GOP in this era.

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