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Are You Worried About 'Deepfakes'?
by Causes
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  • Anonymous123
    Voted Yes

    Funny how this guy JimK votes on everything will page long comments. Sounds like a deep fake in itself from this website. Yes concern, but it is already clear that deepfakes are only one small part of election manipulation. The press plays a role in this by highlighting mass murderers making them rock stars and imitatable all for shock value which translates into ratings, Others are dividing us in social media whether they are Russian or just from the "other side" by going to extremes to drive us apart. Where is our ability to talk to each other? Why do we want to push each other away and then complain about "the Other side"? Why cant we be respectable and find a way to cooperate? The Russians are already winning. The Chinese are already winning. And who ever else anyone thinks is after us is winning. When we are divided everyone else wins but us. Remember that the next time you want to post something on social media that is so polarizing it surely pushes half your family and friends away. It is already proven people only want to read or see things that agree with and reinforce their own points of view. (Yes Social Media is to blame as well) Get it together and remember we are American!

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