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Hurricane Dorian Bearing Down on the Southeastern U.S. - How Costly Are Hurricanes?
by Causes
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  • Matthew
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    However it’s not enough to put money into this. There need to be REGULATIONS on how buildings are built, roads, and water runoffs are done. We need to be smarter how we build or rebuild. We need to look at what each region of the US is affected by what disasters (including wildfires) and try to address those disasters intelligently and preventatively to minimize damage. The problem isn’t this Congress, the problem is the republiKKKon party led by their “too busy trying to say I was right about Alabama by making sharpie marks on a map than actually carrying about what Dorian has and is doing” dear one, the Racist in Chief and Moscow Mitch. The republiKKKon has allowed these storms to continue to devastate by ignoring science, taking money from fossil fuel companies, and deregulating regulations that help people.

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