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New Texas Laws Loosening Gun Restrictions Officially Go Into Effect
by Axios
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  • Charlene
    Voted Oppose

    I wonder how this financially impacted those voting this law in. Someone mentioned how it benefits the law-abiding citizen and thought was that most of the mass shootings were carried out by law abiders. And yet nothing is being done to actually protect citizens. Just allowing more guns in more places making shootings a norm and instilling fear in so many people. But then the politicians and NRA like that fear as it feeds there pockets. I think we need more counselors in the schools, We trained and not overworked counselfor to start working toward helping our children to speak their minds an not allowing thoughts to fester and morph into dangeous acts. Assualt weapons are weapons intended to kill massivly and why would you use one for hunting an animal. The people are not being served


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