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NRA: ‘Shameful’ Walmart Caving to ‘Pressure of Anti-Gun Elites’
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  • Nancy
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    Thank you Walmart! Why this law giving gun owners the ability to openly carry a weapon into public places is beyond ridiculous. Other than law enforcement, I don’t want to see a gun strapped to someone’s person, in their arms anywhere or anytime! I have left a full basket of groceries in the middle of a Walmart and left the store when a man walked by with a gun on his hip. Guns scare me. I don’t want to have one, see one or be in the vicinity of one. And, the great state of Texas just passed more lenient laws making gun owners greater ability to access their weapons effective September 1. Embarrassing to say the least. BTW....where are all these gun toting, open carrying individuals when the shooting starts? Most likely cowering behind someone else.

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