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NRA: ‘Shameful’ Walmart Caving to ‘Pressure of Anti-Gun Elites’
by Causes
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    They are a private company, they can do what they want. I am a private citizen with rights and I choose to support businesses that support my rights. To what many people have said in other comments: Please look at the data from the CDC; Do not believe what the press is selling you, realize that there is a reason for school shootings, they are gun free zones. The empirical data clearly shows you are safer with an armed and trained society. Everyone wants to complain about how many people were killed (I agree I dont like it either, hence why I need to be able to defend myself and protect my family) but then look at last weekend in Chicago (an almost gun free zone) 7 Dead, 40 something other shot. Tell me how gun control works? Additionally the lawmakers copied on this will see changes coming in the next election for them.

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