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What’s the Status of the State ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bans?
by Causes
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  • Susan
    Voted No

    I am a retired nurse. There is an embryonic muscle cluster that can send an impulse heard as a 'beat' long before the actual heart has even formed into its four chamber, sophisticated, complete organ. There isn't even a brain at that point in development. A few neurons have developed; but there is no where for them to relay information to yet; so no pain sensations are possible yet. This happens so early in a pregnancy that the woman may have just missed a period and found out she might be pregnant. This bill 8s an attempt to stop ALL abortions. It is not about the rights of a fully developed fetus that can survive outside the uterus. Even later, when a woman discovers that the embryo or fetus that she is carrying has such severe defects that it cannot survive outside the uterus, and cannot have any kind of cognitive awareness; a hen has a right to choose an abortion, or an induced labor for early delivery of a non viable fetus. That does not include a fetus with chromosomal abnormalities such as Down's syndrome for late term abortions. It does include any frtus for early, first trimester abortion though; regardless of reason! A fetus should not be brought into this world to only suffer severe pain, or an existence without the brain capacity to even have awareness...beyond the primal response to pain. Often, this is done to satisfy the needs of the parents to be praised for 'preservation of life '; even when that 'life' has no chance of a future as a cognitive human being. The 'life' is maintained by breathing and feeding tubes only; and the ability to experience lifr is limited to pain, suffering, and seizures. Constant 24 hour medical care is required. We put a pet animal down when quality of life is not sustainable. We allow terminally ill people to choose to stop care; and even to terminate their own life when all quality is gone and only pain remains. Why would we put a fetus through this level of invasive intervention to maintain a heartbeat without any chance of cognitive awareness, for possibly years of tortured existence? It is the woman's choice; along with guidance and care from her Doctors. Government has NO right to intervene in this.

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