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Trump Allies Want to Raise $2 Million to Target Reporters at Top Outlets Ahead of 2020
by Axios
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  • jimK
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    This is right out of the Nazi playbook! Skip impeachment proceedings and go straight to removal from office. Let's see what we have; Further suppress a free press; dominate a inept legislature worried more about politics than our country and unable to move forward with tough decisions; control the judiciary selection process to ensure favorable judgements; appeal to Nationalist Pride; demonize, dehumanize and mistreat a defenseless class of people and blame them for all that is wrong in our society; and endorse the master-race supremacist's. Hey big money guys; if Adolph trump gets another term you will be next! Count on it! I never imagined that our country could be so corrupted in three years. I cannot conceive the depths to which our country will sink to if trump is even permitted to run for a second term.

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