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New Texas Laws Loosening Gun Restrictions Officially Go Into Effect
by Axios
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  • Kurt
    Voted Oppose

    I will say it again gun control and longer wait on registrations on guns is not going to help the problem. The ones that will get their hands on it the nuts will be able to buy a gun in Black market and that's what I keep saying gun control extra background checks is not going to help and if you take away everybody's guns all you're going to do is.make it real easy for the criminal to come into the house and shoot and kill the family because they bought a gun from the black market dealer so I think it's a waste of breath and time talking about it.and I will tell you something right now when my friend said he was in Tulsa Oklahoma this black guy came up to him and ask him if wants to buy a 45 pistol you open up his briefcase and there was a bunch of guns he was selling off of Black market so right there your proof but anyway well you do what you think should be done but it's not going to help.

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