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New Texas Laws Loosening Gun Restrictions Officially Go Into Effect
by Axios
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  • Kimberly
    Voted Oppose

    How many shootings do you need in your damn state to realize you need stronger gun laws. As a state ya should feel ashamed that you think more hot metal flying around is going to make a difference. When your kid miss behaves you take away his Xbox or phone, open your eyes and do the same. At least as a temporary fix until the gun lobbies people can come to an agreement. A little sacrifice is for the greater good as a temporary patch. This way kids can finally get there education without fear, or parents of buying pampers at the Walmart for their new born baby, even interracial, LGBTQ, club growers etc...can all continue to live their lives and strive for that pursuit of happiness. Every single soul/body in the United States of America came here seeking these basic human rights of freedom liberty and the pursuit of happiness, everyone even the native Americans before they became native Americans and were simply some form of Homosapien who crossed before the earth split into its now state. We all came here to strive and progress. We created these laws for reason but they were also created to be challenged to so we can forever continue to strive for a fundamental purpose: freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but if we continue to cling to old laws that clash with our modern technology, society, and splinters our growth as a nation and because actually detrimental to our health(mental and physical) then that shows you we need action. So let’s step back freeze the guns as a temp like prohibition until we can come to an agreement like we did with the constitution. It’s time for reform. How many injured, dead, traumatized Americans do you want?! Wake up please we are begging you as a nation.

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