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Hurricane Dorian: What You Need to Know
by Axios
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  • Dana
    Voted No

    I always find it interesting how ignorant the tRump supporters are. I grew up in Long Island, NY on the water. My Mom’s still there. So of course fish that I am had to go Waterfront when relocating due to my job. West coast Florida. My Mom’s home and town was catastrophically affected by Superstorm Sandy. Still. Impending Dorian has been terrifying. And YES he is stealing money from FEMA and the Coast Guard. Congress controls the purse. And of course he didn’t care when Puerto Rico was in the eye of the storm. They don’t vote and oh my....The are Latino/Hispanic 😳. We already know that he considers these folks subhuman or something disgusting and inhuman. AND how interesting he cancelled his trip to Poland when he found out his precious money machine Mar-A-Lago was in the crosshairs. Once again putting American “Life, Liberty And Pursuit of Happiness “ on the line for his greed and pursuit of power. At this point I would again point out that Florida “Representatives” Rick Scott and Marco Rubio stayed silent and true to the Republican regime. Where is your outrage?

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