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DHS Blocks Oversight Staff From Visiting Detention Facilities – Do You Support the Move?
by Causes
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  • Celiaann
    Voted No

    Already, 6 people have died because of practices there has been reported rampant physical and sexual abuse of minors, babies have been taken from breast feeding Moms, Chikdren sleep on a hard floor with a makeshift blanket. Siblings aren’t allowed to talk to or comfort their family members, food is served cold and unhealthy water is scarce, people have been told to drink out of a soap, no toothbrushes. This “fake” administration is purposely trying to kill immigrants. No flu shots, mumps rampant so everyone is sick. Respiratory and GI troubles. I don’t know how this can get worse but I am sure Steve “Ignorant fool@ is leading the pack to think up more cruel actions. I want to say...the 45 clan will pay dearly for these actions in history. These encampments won’t last for much longer and there will be hell to pay for the inhumane treatment. I feel (as many others do) heartbroken and powerless. The saying goes when you dig a grave you better dig 2, and by goodness there are a lotta graves that the republicans are going to be “fitted for”! And you all who stand by and do nothing will be sorry for your failures. Leading the march to hell should be 45 followed by Steven “Ignorant Fool” Miller, Moscow Mitch, John Kelly, DHS administration and every agent working daily at the encampments and stand by watching humans suffer. Shame on all of you!

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