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Inspector General Finds Former FBI Director Comey Violated DOJ Policy by Leaking Trump Memos
by Causes
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  • Frances
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    Not unless Trump is arrested for violating the emoluments clause and for obstruction of justice and put on public trial! Not unless Mitch McConnel and his Chinese wife, who is Secretary of Transportation, are put on trial for treason and collusion, not to mention conflicts of interest and graft, for awarding their company cushy contracts, for taking Russian influence in a contract in Kentucky and McConnel for refusing to secure our elections in ant way! Not unless every single Republican in Congress who bought stock in private health insurance right before they voted for their health plans that removed people from Medicare and Medicaid and CHIP while offering plans in their bill that were worthless and did not cover press-exisiting conditions! Not until Barr is removed from office for lying to the American people abut what was in the Mueller report! Not until Trump is impeached for violating his oath of office to uphold the Constitution every single day of his administration, often many times a day! Not until we have the transcripts and notes of what was said to Putin at those private meetings without anyone but translators present, and the translators who translated for Trump are questioned on television in front of Congress! Not until a report if delivered by the Trump Inaugural committee showing how every single penny was spent! Not until Trump is tried in The Hague for war crimes committed against the children and adults who died or suffered life-changing trauma in the horrendous "detention" center concentration camps! Not until Trump is arrested for kidnapping tens of thousands of children with parents who were then de-orted and so these children were eventually given to Betsy DeVoss's adoption agencies to make a profit for her--and she is also arrested for kidnapping! Not until every member of the Trump administration who lied to the FBI, including Trump is arrested and imprisoned for doing so. Not until every single instance of corruption in the Trump administration has been investigated and the guilty have been suitably punished, including Trump!

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