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Trump Reallocates $155 Million From FEMA Disaster Relief to Fund ICE
by Axios
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  • JosephJames
    Voted Oppose

    I completely support ICE & I do consider the challenges they are faced with especially these past 3yrs, however, hurricane season is right around the corner & the regrets of not being able to support disaster victims because of this transfer is at the cost of American lives, which is unacceptable ALWAYS. With that said though these ICE agents have completely adapted to new horrible “standards” the average day is more than “crappy” but as a OEF veteran I can proudly say to serve your country, it’s worth all the bs at the end of the day. Head down ICE agents, America always wins, things won’t be bad forever. Right now let’s leave our Americans in danger of suffering from natural disasters without a doubt that they’ll be taken care of.


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