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POLL: Should Betsy DeVos Have Been Confirmed?
by Causes
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  • Ted

    Betsy DeVos is the worst possible pick for Secretary of Education. She has never attended a public school, never sent her children to a public school, and never taught or been an administrator in a public school. Instead, she has familial ties to the billion-dollar charter school industry and helped create Detroit’s failing charter-school system. Her controversial statements about relaxing child labor laws and reforming education to “advance God’s kingdom" are thoroughly inappropriate for someone aspiring to public office. We cannot have someone with Ms. DeVos' lack of experience, conflicts of interest, and personal agendas setting education policy, administering student loans, and enforcing and protecting students' rights. The Department of Education is charged with ensuring equal access to education for EVERYONE--not just the well-off who can afford the luxury of choice.

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