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Missouri 'Heartbeat' Abortion Law Temporarily Blocked by Federal Judge
by Causes
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  • Garrett
    Voted No

    The presence of electrical current or auditory evidence of a beating pre-organ (it has not developed into a “heart”) is not predictive of viability of the fetus once it is ex-utero. While people have debated for millennia exactly when life begins, an 8-week fetus is not capable of extrauterine life. If “born” then, it will cease to develop (I eschew saying it “would die,” because that would ipso facto acknowledge it would have had prior “life.”) A more reasonable criterion for “when life begins” might be the gestational age at which the fetus would be capable of independent life, upon delivery, depending on the maturity of its various organ systems and the state of modern neonatal support available. Survival precedent at various gestational ages can help, though it can be a quagmire in individual cases. Religious interpretations of biologic processes are complicated by inherent biases, based on belief systems rather than scientific evidence and arguments. It is not logical to use the criterion of a “beating heart” to determine when a fetus is a person, and therefore deserving of all the rights we imbue to other persons.

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