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Do You Support Bernie Sanders' $16T Green New Deal?
by Causes
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  • Sheri
    Voted Oppose

    Nope. I cannot support a socialist or a socialist agenda. Look, I see where socialism seems attractive, all people on the same economic scale, equality, govt regulation in every facet of our lives - business, state, local, municipal...every aspect! Ask a socialist these questions: what will the median wage be set at? How is this wage calculated? What happens if the set wage is lower than what you’re currently making? Will you be ok with that? How much time is reasonable for getting a doctor appointment? What if the appointment time is 1 month? 2 months? 3 months? Is 6 months an appropriate time to wait to get an appointment with a specialist? How many doctors are willing to place their practice into socialized medicine? What are the pros and cons of having a socialized government practice? Are you willing to pay higher taxes to pay for free education, no work compensation, healthcare, etc? The average household in America pays $1400 a year in taxes. Will these same average tax payers be willing to pay $2800? $3400? The top 1% pay an effective 30% on average. The bottom 20% pays 3%, respectively. Climate change or global warming is a sham. Why don’t we hear about the hole in the ozone anymore? That was the big talking point back in the 80’s and 90’s. If there was one then, surely it’s bigger now, right? There is no hole in the ozone. Just like there is no climate crisis! Even if America reduces the country’s carbon foot print to zero, guess what? It won’t matter because the rest of the world is...dare I say it?? You know the word I’m thinking of describing dirty countries. Most of the waste into the ocean isn’t even from the US. 90% something percent of the ocean’s waste comes from CHINA & INDIA. Socialism, on paper, looks attractive. But it’s not reality, folks. Capitalism is how you have the ability to work where you want and buy what you want. It’s a free enterprise that isn’t perfect, but it’s enormously better than socialism! Use your brain people!! It’s not that difficult!!

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