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70% of Americans Believe the Political System Is Rigged - Do You?
by Axios
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  • Darby
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    When we have a system that favors 2 major parties yet we have multiple political parties that would like to have seats in the house and senate or even the presidency, of course it’s rigged. When have 3 Republican candidates running against the Incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and the RNC won’t allow debates to occur, of course it’s rigged. Our elections have been rigged for many years. We need to rally together around an idea that we have corrupt politicians in office. Let’s get rid of old white guys and actually get some young voices in there. We should be able to hear all sides. President Trump is facing primary challengers, will they have a voice in the RNC? The answer is no because Ronna M is as corrupt as anyone in that position she only cares about the Incumbents and those ready to unseat democrats. We need to win both house and senate in 2020. Im rooting for either a Republican challenger to win the Republican Nomination which I doubt will happen or a bipartisan ticket.

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