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China Trade War: White House Clarifies Trump Comments About 'Second Thoughts'
by Axios
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  • Christine
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    President Trump is using his extensive business deal methods in order to negotiate a fair trade deal. That includes this subject at hand. And, news has it, he is reaching an agreement with CHINA as Countable asks this question! For those who don't want to find anything GOOD about TRUMP........ You may learn a lot from his strength of leadership! He is keeping ALL of his campaign promises! He is relentless and tireless in staying on course for the American People! For those of us who are paying closer attention.......... Trump is "kicking butt"!! He LOVES this country and ALL of our people (Just ask Dr. Alveda King!!! She is a HUGE supporter of Trump.... AND....... AND President Trump just signed legislation to dedicate an Atlanta Park to Martin Luther King!!! YES, Trump supports African Americans, Hispanics, and WOMEN!!! He is clearly looking out for WE THE PEOPLE! He is NOT influenced by EVIL POLITICAL AGENDAS. Other politicians should be taking notes from his straight forward honesty and relentless dedication! I hope these comments help MORE PEOPLE to see and cut through the CRAP! GO Diamond and Silk!!! I LOVE THEM! These two African American women are just as direct as Trump himself! God Bless America!!!


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