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Is Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Proposed Wealth Tax Constitutional?
by Causes
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  • jimK
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    My less than fully coffee infused brain leads me to an admittedly not fully thought out idea. .. .. Let's break out our military budget from other budgetary concerns and collect a separate tax for the military. Taxes can be collected on the basis that the more someone has to loose (as measured by their overall wealth), the more they need to pay for the benefits of having a strong military- which in fact, does protect their wealth and assets. This tax would be a payment for government services as all taxes essentially are. Use a straightforward escalated scale based upon a yet to be fully defined accounting ‘standard’ which defines an individual’s net wealth. This would free up general income taxes for other uses and also put controls on military spending; since our congressmen, many of whom become very wealthy as they serve congress - would have to vote on military budgets that they would have an increased responsibility to actually pay for personally.

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