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Trump Wants to End ‘Ridiculous’ Birthright Citizenship – Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Lucia
    Voted Yes

    When I heard the Chinese were coming here to have babies and giving them up to our adoption agencies because they could not have more than one child I thought that was insane. Crossing a border to make your unborn child a citizen by having your child here again crazy. It's such an abuse on our country having us flip the bill for foreigners children. I agree with the president on this. And here I fought for years until recently to prove I was a citizen through my American born mother and our Native American blood I was born aboard yet because they never went to the country where I was born Embassy to report my birth. I was not considered a citizen. So yeah I was a citizen could not get documentation yet other people do what I mentioned above and are automatically citizens when their parents aren't from here pretty upsetting to me.

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