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Amid Push to End Vaccination Exemptions - What Are Immunization Rates in America?
by Causes
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  • Peggy
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    Please please please, push to have vaccines tested by a third party lab that can not be paid off by big Pharma. There are many children that have had aderse reactions to these vaccines. My granddaughter has reacted to 3 different additives found in these vaccines. Making this a law that all children must be vaccinated, is the equivalent of telling a parent that has a child with a peanut allergy, that she has to give peanuts to her child, hours after its born, and she must continually put her child at risk, for vaccines that have not even be tested on this subgroups that it is causing damage in. The FDA and CDC are so strict with other pharmaceuticals, but they do not hold the same standards for vaccines. NJ requires more vaccines then any other place in the world. Why??? Follow the money and you will have your answer. Please let parents protect their children from these vaccines, until they are made safe for all! Thank you!

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