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What They’re Saying: Trump Says Jews Disloyal If They Vote for Democrats
by Causes
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  • Anthony
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    The use of the word disloyal in the tweet is unfortunate because some will confuse the word with the loyalty of citizens to their country or their faith. Two Democrat Muslim members of Congress called for the withdrawal of all US aide (support) for Israel. The proposal is a betrayal of a longstanding friendship and international alliance with Israel. It is clearly disloyal to the friendship. President Trump spoke out against these members and questioned the Democrat Party leadership. He asserted that voters of the Jewish faith who would vote for Democrat Party candidates like this,who don’t value our nation’s friendship with Israel,are either uninformed or complicit with the members who are clearly disloyal to the friendship. The President needed to speak out promptly and forcefully because such a proposal from members of Congress has international implications and sends a message dangerous to peace in the Middle East and embolden enemies of Israel. As citizens our loyalties are to the US Constitution not another country and are separate from religious beliefs. To the extent religious beliefs are in conflict with the US Constitution they are subordinate to it. Members of Congress and other elected officials take an oath of office to preserve,protect,and defend the Constitution. Arguably,these two members place their self interest,religious and political beliefs above the Constitution. If this is the case,they have violated their oaths of office.


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