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Trump Says He’s Considering Payroll Tax Cut, Contradicting White House Denial
by Axios
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  • Glowurm
    Voted Oppose

    Are you kidding me? We need the payroll taxes to increase, NOT DECREASE! What an asshole idea! So he cuts payroll taxes and what suffers - Social Security and Medicare. People this means both these entities may die a horrible death, if this happens. He’s been wanting to do away with these programs for a long time. So now he wants to entice the Ignorants into thinking this is a good idea. Minimally, this action will give us a few more dollars now. However, diminishing our contributions to SS and Medicare now, will make our SS benefits considerably less at retirement! This means, We the People, will pay later for saving HIS ass now. Additionally, it would give him a chance to say HE stopped the recession when, in fact WE did. That is, IF this “plan” would a have his intended result, which I, sincerely, doubt it would. Oh, and by the way, a former SS employee has stated that a 2% tax on the very wealthy would solve the problem immediately. I say we go for window number 2. Increase the SS and Medicare deductions, not lessen them! Oh, and PLEASE VOTE THIS FOOL OUT OF OFFICE! He has no idea how to be a President. Let’s get someone in that does!

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