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'I Don’t See a Recession': Trump and His Top Advisers Dismiss Growing Economic Concerns
by Axios
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  • Darby
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    A recession or a Great Recession as in 2008 numbers? There’s a big difference. We will always either have a recession or expansion of the economy. We can’t have it both ways. What goes up will come down. We also new to look at policies contributing to this such as the trade war in which we need to end right now. I can not in my right mind vote for Donald Trump in 2020. I decided I’d give him a chance when he got elected after I voted third party, but the only good thing he has done is rallied the Pro-Life movement together which is great for this country, but he screwed everyone else: Farmers, Asylum Seekers, Foreign Dignitaries, etc. I also do like how he is the only president to have the balls to speak to Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin on a regular basis and it makes me sick that the Democrats are calling that corruption. If Pelosi and Schumer would quit worrying about hating the president and focus on actually get things done while in Washington, D.C. They like vacation more than the American people apparently.


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