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Should Students Be Allowed ‘Mental Health Days’?
by Causes
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  • Zelda w
    Voted No

    What in the world is this world coming to? I know The End! Mental health days for student NO, children Already have sick days. Parents and kids already LIE about their children being sick when they aren't. To lazy to get up, to lazy to take them to school, to lazy to raise their kicks to respect their elders and so on and so on. Why give the parents and children another TOOL to lie about their children being sick when they are not because their kids throws " Hissy fit ," or " want to do their own thing" or " have it their way". all so they can miss even more school days and parents get money. Doctor writing prescription to drug up kids, thinking that's going to fix the problem, NOT. Old Fashion ways will cure that disobedient in any child.


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