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Planned Parenthood Withdraws from Title X Funding to Avoid Abortion 'Gag Rule'
by Causes
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  • Dartagnon
    Voted No

    It's much safer for the mothers to offer clean, professional methods rather than sending her to the local "Guy with boiled tools). I thot doctors pledged an oath to save life ... in this case they would be saving the Mother's Life who created the entire problem in the first place but perhaps it wasn't her call and that is why abortions should be legal and the Christians behind these laws needs to realize that certain things in life are necessary even when they seem wrong. As long as the baby is aborted early enough there should be no problem with it unless we find out years from now that babies are alive at conception and then I wnt to change my answer. It's really up to the Mother ... it's her body, her decision, Doctors should HAVE TO GO ALONG with ANY Mother s decision.


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