Mark Braccidiferro

This was a terrible tragedy my prayers go out to all the parents and relatives that have suffered because of this EVIL scumbag!!

Bernadette Richmond

My heart is still heavy I wish you peace comfort

Stephen F Flanders

To whom it may concern it is ashame that we live in such a tragic world today back in my school days we had peace and harmony nothing violent such a thing wasn!t thought of the peace An harmony is gone today the schools can!t even say a prayer a minster can!t come and have. Benediction at a graduation it's not right my prayers go out to the families of the school district of that Connecticut town

Stephane Loranger

My condolences

Laura Barnett

My thoughts and prayers goes out to everyone God bless all of u my prayers this is so sad

Debbie Dziekan Burdelik

What about the shooter, I hope he or she is in jail

Rose Sebastian

God Bless the families of this tradegy!!

Nikki Powers
Nikki Powers

This is a heart breaking tragedy . Sending blessings and prayers .

Suzanne Brooks

I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that so many people worldwide care. Wishing you peace and happiness again from Jamaica.

Miller Smooth
Miller Smooth

I'm sorry for ur loss..don't keep dwelling on this..they are all in Heaven..they are in peace...better then we are..rejoice..move is for the living..get over it..AMEN

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