Bailey Renee Barrett

This is really unacceptable!!!! It makes my heart hurt for the sick minded person behind it as well. The thought of animal cruelty is just sickening!!! And don't get me wrong I know they aren't people, but God gave us the job of caring for and protecting them!!! He didn't tell us to beat and abuse them!!! I will definitely be praying for whoever is behind this, and for the horses being abused by these sick minded people

Dave Bosomworth

Please remove this page and any page like it that promotes hate to any living thing. I am not a horse-lover, but see all animals as our partners in life. They should be treated with dignity and kind consideration. There is NO place for this kind of hate mongering in a society that is trying to remove hate!

Catherine Revell

Where hate breeds, mental illness and violence will follow. REMOVE THIS PAGE!

Betsy Khalil
Betsy Khalil

Please remove this page. I find this site extremely offensive. It is inappropriate for a social media venue.

Jennifer Drake

The biggest sin is deliberate cruelty.....get rid of these sites!

Katherine Paige Brouwer

I cannot imagine why Facebook would promote such an offensive, inhumane idea! I strongly suggest you remove it

Luiza Franco Afonso

Please remove this page !! Are we sauvages? I love horses !!

Viktoriya Vashko
Viktoriya Vashko

Please remove this page! This is offensive and should not be a part of the Facebook culture.

Cindy Lee McGhie

I feel bad for people who would support this kind of page. The "I haters" are a sad bunch of ignorant souls.

Stella Turner
Stella Turner

Please remove as I do not agree with it and find no grounds for anyone to want to have such a site. For what purpose?

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