50 Ways to Love Your Community

Did you know you could travel to Asia for free, without even leaving town? That's the latest thing to love about our community, courtesy of the Birmingham Museum of Art. We're so glad you support our Cause, and we also invite you to be a Fan of the Community…Read More

Here's #46 of 50 Ways to Love Your Community

Celebrate the important role of arts and culture organizations and attractions in our community on Member Day, July 18. Learn more about how you can participate by enjoying and supporting your favorite organization at…Read More

Featuring one of 50 Ways to Love Your Community

Our countdown continues on 50 Ways to Love Your Community. Today we highlight #47, the Birmingham Change Fund, a giving circle of young African-American professionals dedicated to creating positive change in greater Birmingham.…Read More

Are you also a Fan of the Community Foundation?

If you're not, we hope you will find our Page and become a Fan. As we learn more about social media as a way to connect people -- in our case, with the goal of making life better in greater Birmingham -- I am learning that a Fan Page is an important…Read More


It's the BIG 50th Anniversary! Come celebrate and IMAGINE with the CFGB today at the Birmingham Children's Theatre 4:15. It's a community event--so bring a friend!

Rebecca Ryan highlights May 11 50th Anniversary Celebration!

Can you imagine what our community was like in 1959? For those who don't remember, this was a place where big thinkers came together and created the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham. At this year's special 50th anniversary annual meeting of the…Read More

50th Anniversary

Join us on May 11 at 4:15 p.m. at Birmingham Children's Theatre to celebrate our 50th anniversary and imagine the bright future ahead for the NEXT 50 years!
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