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Hillary Lehr
Hillary Lehr Campaign leader

Sign the HRC petition to the International Olympic Committee too! The sixth Fundamental Principle of Olympism, according to the Olympic…Read More

We won't let up on Russia!

Hi Everyone, Thanks again for signing my petition a few weeks ago asking the CEO of Coca-Cola to withdraw it's sponsorship from the Olympics. Over 4,000 people have taken the action, and we've got to keep the pressure up to challenge Russia's heinous, discriminatory law. I wanted to tell you about another petition related to LGBT rights and…Read More
Kellen Louise
Kellen Louise Campaign leader

Britain's gay awards show proves that we do not need to tolerate Coca-Cola's silence!

Coca-Cola axed from gay awards short-list over Sochi sponsorship

Gay Star News
Gay awards bosses have chucked Coca-Cola off their shortlist after it refused to use its sponsorship of Sochi to speak out on LGBTI rights in Russia. The Out in the City and G3 Magazine Awards had nominated Coca-Cola in its Brand of the Year category for what are dubbed ‘Britain’s gay Oscars’. But the brand’s sponsorship of the Winter Olympics…Read More
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