How to defeat prop 8 today

Today is the day to go to the polls and vote NO on proposition 8 to preserve civil rights for all Californians. Then tell your friends and family in California to vote. We anticipate three problems: 1. People don't realize that voting NO is the way to…Read More

URGENT: Same-sex marriage is losing among early voters

"The same-sex marriage ban is winning among people who are voting early or by mail. That means it will likely pass unless there is a strong Election Day turnout of "No" voters" -- San Jose Mercury News…Read More

Contribute now -- just a few days left

Hey guys, One week from today, California will vote on prop 8. We are running out of time to get our message out there. Please contribute whatever you can today: The "No on 8" campaign has a new ad starring Senator…Read More

Donate now to preserve civil rights

Supporters of proposition 8 have outraised us by $10 million. Please donate to defeat proposition 8 today:
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