The most recent video from our latest meeting

Dear: Friends and supporters of "Citizens 4 Change" Dayton Inc. This past weekend has been a very busy one for us indeed. The great news is that our community improvement work has started on time. We would just like to take a few moments and share with you…Read More

Community Improvement Survey Day 1

As many of you know by now our second public meeting will be held the morning of May 8th 2010 from 1130pm-130pm. After this event if you can make it out and wish to volunteer your time, we will start the first phase of our Community Improvement Distribution…Read More

We hope to see you at our FREE cookout tmmrw in Dayton!!!

Dear: Friends As you know, we will be having our 1st "Citizens 4 Change" Dayton "Free Community Cookout" tmmrw 12-5pm at the; Westwood Park, Dayton Ohio. We ask that you kindly take a few seconds out of your busy schedule and confirm your attendance to this…Read More


Dear: Friends, supporters and residents of Dayton Ohio. from your friends at: This is your official "Citizens 4 Change" Dayton Community Improvement Survey. We're starting our email launch of this said survey today; April 3rd 2010, but the…Read More

It's almost GO time!

Dear: Friends Our first wave of community improvement surveys will be sent via email this Saturday. These surveys will of course help us determine what projects you want to see done inside of your neighborhood as demanded by the YOU the resident. Westwood is…Read More

The Dayton Daily News (We at "Citizens 4 Change" Dayton Inc. would like to thank the Dayton Daily News for their positive article about our community improvement efforts!) GO…Read More

Our 1st Board Meeting!!

Making the final preparations for our 1st "Citizens 4 Change" Dayton Board Meeting this Sat, at the Downtown Dayton Metro Lib! If you would like to know more about who we are and what we plan on doing to make the city of Dayton a better and safer place or if…Read More
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