Over 1,000 Strong

Thanks to all who have joined the cause of the Gospel and committed to join, fund, or pray for a church plant! Keep inviting others to join, and keep serving the Gospel of Jesus Christ where you live! Blessings, Joe

Nearing 1,000 members

Hi, our cause to "Plant the Gospel and Plant a Church" is nearing 1,000 members. Thank you to everyone who has joined, invited, prayed, and helped serve the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Great Bible Resources for Church Planters

In an effort to help support my church planting efforts, I have decided to make available three of the curriculum sets that I have written. -Foundations in New Life -Foundations in Prayer -Foundations in Evangelism These lessons are a great deal for any…Read More

Over 200

The cause is well over 200 members and we are well on our way to becoming a Facebook "crew". (by the time some of you get this, that number could be much higher) Don't forget some important ways you can help "Plant the Gospel & Plant the Church" 1.…Read More

Thanks to you; are growing

The cause is growing. We now have over 100 members and folks like David Jackson, have done an amazing job of recruiting. I want to encourage everyone to post a link to their church plant, or planting group, or post some videos about church planting (I posted…Read More

Early Research Resultsa

I posted some early research results from my preliminary survey of more than 43 church planters and trainers. Check it out (http://www.morethancake.org/2008/05/missional-teams-for-church-planting.html)!

Developing Missional Teams for Church Planting

I am currently doing some early research for my Doctor of Ministry project which is designed to help develop strong teams for church planting. If you have experience in planting churches, or training church planters, then please take 5 minutes and do this…Read More
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