Please take action: call 866/587-6101

you will be connected to one of the targeted Senators to ask them to support the DREAM Act. On Thursday, December 16, the US Senate took procedural moves that means that the DREAM Act should be up for a vote on Saturday, December 18, 2010. There are some…Read More

SAVE THE DATE: November 16th, 2010

National Day of Fasting and Prayer for Immigration Reform As people of God, who are called to love our neighbors and to care for the widow, the orphan and the migrant, we are seeking to hear the voice of God to move the hearts and minds of his people to do…Read More

After Phoenix and A Message from Sojourners

 I just posted a message on our cause wall from Allison from Sojourners' Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Check that out. Last week's event in Phoenix was amazing. There were at least 20 of us who drove out to the event. There is some…Read More

Phoenix, AZ and Santa Ana, CA on January 26

In Phoenix, AZ-- An Invitation to Phoenix from CCDA & Dr. John Perkins January 26, 2010 See the bulletin on the "cause" page. Several of us are driving out from Southern California for this. For People in Santa Ana-- Subject: Immigrants are a Blessing…Read More

An Invitation to Phoenix from CCDA & Dr. John Perkins January 26, 2010

Save the date I got the message from Ian Danley of Neighborhood Ministries in Phoenix. Friends, We are grateful to CCDA and Dr. Perkins for helping extend a formal invitation to Phoenix to take part in a day of education, witness and action around…Read More

Evangelicals and others on immigration reform

Here are a couple of items of interest: Matt Soerens has another excellent article on Sojourners Faith and Immigration blog on conservative Christian denominations and their statements on immigration reform. I recommend that you read it and make comments…Read More

Evangelicals speak for immigration reform

Two stories of interest last week: The National Association of Evangelicals adopted a statement in support of comprehensive immigration reform. Details…Read More
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