Get a CHOA Tag!

Dear Friends, As some of you may know, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is in the process of securing reservations for a Children’s charity license tag for Georgia. In order to begin production, however, we need to secure 1,000 reservations by Sept. 1, 2008,…Read More

Causes Giving Challenge Part 2

I have learned that only new causes are eligible for the cash prizes in the Causes Giving Challenge. So please sign up for our sister cause: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation. It still supports the hospitals and clinics at Children's Healthcare and…Read More

Causes Giving Challenge

The Causes application on Facebook is starting a giving challenge, details follow this message. I haven't yet figured out how to add this cause to the challenge, so I created another one: Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation. Both groups support…Read More

Donation Challenge!

Hey everyone! Our Children's Healthcare of Atlanta group is growing at a really good pace, but we didn't have any donations! So I got the ball rolling and donated $25. I challenge you to do the same. Today is December 12th, let's see if we can get $500 in…Read More
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