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Folks, we have until the end of the month to meet a special challenge grant! In honor of our completing 15 years of caring for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda, we have a $15,000 challenge. That means every dollar you donate up until July 31st will…Read More

Six Warm Blankets

Happy New Year! Children of Uganda is thrilled to announce that one our most faithful donors has pledged to match (dollar for dollar) every dollar we raise by midnight up to $5,000. That means if you donate $10 today - we really get $20. And $20 = six warm…Read More

This is BIG and we've only got 24 hours

Hey Everyone! Happy Holidays! Wherever you are in the world ~ we need YOU! Children of Uganda has the opportunity to be awarded $25,000 if we are one of the 100 organizations who have the most votes in the Chase Giving challenge. TOMORROW December 11th is…Read More

Your vote is worth $1 million

Chase Bank is giving away $5 million to small charities this holiday season--the charity with the most votes will be awarded $1 million. The top five runners-up will receive $100,000 and the 100 finalists will be awarded $25,000 each. Since the big…Read More


These are the last two days for America's Giving Challenge for CHILDREN OF UGANDA. This is a fundraising challenge, asking for only $10 donations from as many people as possible. Please consider donating, donating again, or telling your friends about this…Read More

This is BIG!

As you know, Children of Uganda has an opportunity to win up to $50,000 if we get the most people to donate. The deadline to give is this Friday, November 6th. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT NOW MORE THAN EVER! We currently have over 2,000 members in our cause. Your…Read More

Children of Uganda is in America's Giving Challenge—Let's win $50,000!

Hi everyone, Children of Uganda just entered in America's Giving Challenge and YOU can help us win $50,000! Please donate a minimum $10 today at: www.causes.com/donations/select_donation_method?cause_id=27275 To win, between now and November 7th we have to…Read More
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