Christmas soon approaching...

    Hello everyone of you... Soon Christmas will come around.. Some of you'll see mountains of presents under the tree and others will not get as much... But one thing will be for certain; That there a people out there, who'll get nothing at all! To be a…Read More

News from "Against children & teens in jail"

Hello everyone! I hope that this "newsletter" will find you all in good health and haven't had any problems too big to handle... I've just posted the link to a new article on "Electronic Intifada" about the rise in Palestinian children being incarcerated.…Read More

Children and Teens in jail!

Hello everyone! We're slowly, but surely growing as a group. Awareness on this issue is also slowly comming into focus in the media. Latest; by the harsh sentencing the Turkish judges slammed on several young teens for throwing stones. Not even the police…Read More

Children held in Israeli prisons without charge or trial

More than 500 Palestinian children are right now incarcerated without charge or trial - Please take the time to follow this link ; Defence for Children international;

Israeli forces arrests 7 children in the Westbank

Urge a Gaza ceasefire now

There is a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and, without a ceasefire, the situation will only get worse. Already, hospitals in Gaza are without fuel and necessary supplies, and families are without food, water, and heat. Four out of five Gazan families…Read More
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