Social Welfare bill to be pushed through today

The government push through the social welfare bill through today so FF backbenchers, Ind and Greens can shrug their shoulders at parents, families, widows and children affected by these cuts this weekend and say "I can't do anything it is now law." Shame on…Read More

Children face a 'Black Christmas' as Lenihan slashes child benefit

December 9th 2009 Children face a 'Black Christmas' as Minister Lenihan slashes child benefit by 10% in the 2010 Budget. Family incomes are being attacked from every side in this Budget, but the Government has chosen to target children for the biggest cut of…Read More

Need your support this Wednesday 9th as child benefit faces cut

As media speculation intensifies that child beneift is to be cut by 10%, members of PACUB (Protest Against Child Unfriendly Budget) will gather outside Buswell's hotel on Wednesday next at 5.30pm. PACUB is urging fellow parents and members of the public who…Read More

Help us give a "hamper hug" this Christmas (deadline Dec 11th)

There are far too many heart-breaking stories of families struggling to make ends meet. We asked you how a cut in child benefit would affect you and you told us, in no uncertain terms how this was a lifeline. We handed these stories into Mary Hanafin…Read More

Meeting with Mary Hanafin today

Hi All, A delegation of the PACUB ladies had a meeting with Mary Hanafin today, PACUB feel that Child benefit will be cut, we don't know by how much but Minister Hanafin was showing no signs of backing down. Now more than ever this campaign is in your hands,…Read More

TV3 reports - 10% cut to child benefit planned in budget

PACUB wishes to bring your attention to a TV3 report today that says it has a budget leak and that child benefit will be cut by 10%. Proceeding with a 10pc flat cut in the rate will mean a drop from €166 to €150 a month for each of the first two children,…Read More

Please contact your TDs - Protest outside Dail 6pm Wed 2nd Dec as they debate cuts to child benefit

Dear Save Chlid Benefit Ireland/ PACUB members This week we have held a press conference with several family, parenting and children's rights groups calling on the government to leave child benefit alone. We received great coverage in the media. In fact…Read More
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