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In June, the City Council voted against the city manager's innovative and much-needed plan (the Capital Improvement Plan, or "CIP") to invest in Charlotte's struggling neighborhoods.

One piece of that plan is to build 2.5 miles of the proposed 10 mile streetcar, linking the neighborhoods of east and west Charlotte through uptown, and attracting much needed economic investment as "fixed guideway" projects such as streetcars do.

The project is also a key part of Charlotte's larger 2030 Transit Plan, approved by City Council in the late 1990s, which will help make our city more livable by reducing our dependency on cars, and the time and money we we waste sitting in traffic.

Since June 2012, City Council Members have been debating whether or not to move forward with the streetcar as part of the CIP.

At their December 17th budget meeting, City Council decided to delay a decision on the CIP (and the streetcar) until spring. In other words, not enough Council Members are supporting the inclusion of the streetcar as part of the CIP for it to move forward.

In light of this, it is critical that they hear from those of us who live in Charlotte, who they represent, that this is in important investment in our future that we want them to make.

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